How to get Asana info

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1. Your Asana stats shows 0

After you signed in, you will be navigated to home dashboard screen and then you can see your stats which shows 0.

Log in screen
Dashboard with an initial state

2. Go to [User Settings]

Go to [User Settings] in the left sidebar or the gear icon beside 'Task Ticket - Asana'.

Go to user settings
User settings with Asana info

Now you can see what Asana settings are. There are several items below;

2-1. Asana User ID

While logged into Asana in your browser, click here: Asana Users API That should display some information including your User ID. At the time of writing of this help page, there seems to be no way to check your user ID from either the desktop application or the browser other than calling this API.

Asana API request

Then the response would be like here below. You can see your username then find your user ID.

Asana API response

2-2. Asana Workspace ID

As for Asana's workspace ID, you can check it from the URL of your browser. Go to the top screen of the workspace you wish to aggregate.

Asana top screen

Or call the Asana Workspace API to display a list of workspaces, as well as user IDs. Either method is acceptable. Now you can see your workspace ID and name.

Asana workspace API response

2-3. Asana Personal Access Token

The Asana API is used to aggregate numbers from the Asana application. At the time of writing, the following two authentication methods are available for using this API.

The former is used to call apps and APIs created by users themselves, and the latter is used by third-party apps such as this app to obtain information on behalf of users. For more information, please refer to the link on Asana official website . In the future, we plan to change the format of this application to call APIs using the latter OAuth 2.0, but at this time, please note that the API calls are made using personal access tokens.

Now that you understand the above, let's actually get your personal access token. You can use the link here to access your developer console or follow the steps below:

Then you can find a button to generate your personal access token.

Asana developer console

3. Go back to [User Settings]

Now that you are all set up, go back to the User Settings screen and set those values.

User settings with Asana info filled

5. Go to [Home] and then you can see your stats !!

Press the Home button on the left sidebar to jump to the dashboard screen. You should see a tally of your contributions to your given repository.

If it is not tallying well, try reloading it several times. Or, check again to make sure the values you set are correct. If it still does not work, please contact our help desk .

Go to home button in user settings
Dashboard with Asana aggregated

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