How to get GitHub info

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1. Your GitHub stats shows 0

After you signed in, you will be navigated to home dashboard screen and then you can see your stats which shows 0.

Log in screen
Dashboard with an initial state

2. Go to [User Settings]

Go to [User Settings] in the left sidebar or the gear icon beside 'Coding - GitHub'.

User Settings links in the Dashboard
User Settings with GitHub info

Now you can see what GitHub settings are. There are several items below;

3. Go to [GitHub Web Site]

3-1. GitHub User Name

After you signed in, you will be navigated to home screen. And you can see your user icon on the top right corner. Click it, then you can see your GitHub user name first.

GitHub top page
GitHub user name

3-2. GitHub User ID

The easiest way to get a user ID is to call the API from your browser. Set$userName (Replace $userName with your username) in the URL field of your browser and press Enter. You will get the following result, which will tell you your user ID

GitHub API request
GitHub API response

3-3. GitHub Repo Name, its Owner Name and its Visibility

Get a name of a repository owner to be aggregated. Go to the [Repository] and on the top left corner, you can see the repository name, its owner name, and its visibility as well.

GitHub repository top page

In this example, the info you get is as follows:

Regarding visibility, first letter should be capitalized.

4. Go back to [User Settings]

Now that you are all set up, go back to the User Settings screen and set those values.

User Settings with GitHub info
User Settings with GitHub info fulfilled

5. Go to [Home] and then you can see your stats !!

Press the Home button on the left sidebar to jump to the dashboard screen. You should see a tally of your contributions to your given repository.

If it is not tallying well, try reloading it several times. Or, check again to make sure the values you set are correct. If it still does not work, please contact our help desk .

User Settings with go to home
Dashboard with GitHub aggregated

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