How to get Slack info

Slack logo

1. Open the User Settings page and press the "Connect with Slack" button.

Pressing this button does not mean that the linkage will be established immediately. It can also be immediately cancelled after the linkage is established.

Slack info with an initial state in user settings

2. Enter the name of the workspace you want to log in to.

Slack login page

To know the workspace ID you want to log in to, open that workspace and click on the workspace name in the upper left corner. The workspace ID will then be displayed.

Slack Workspace ID

3. Log in to Slack

Log in with the account from which you want to retrieve data. If you are using multiple accounts, don't worry if you log in with the wrong account, you can redo it later!

Slack login page

4. Authorization request is displayed, check the contents and press the "Allow" button.

The scope required for aggregation in WorkStats will be displayed. (If the user is a Slack admin, or if the workspace is configured to not require authorization to install the app) Check it and if it is OK, click the "Allow" button. Then jump to step 8.

Slack request permission page

If you did not see this screen, go to the next step 5.

5. If the app installation request screen appears, please make a request.

If the user is not a Slack admin, and the workspace is configured to require Admin approval to install the app, a screen will appear asking you to submit a request to the Admin to install the WorkStats app.

Slack login page

Clicking "Submit" button will take you to an administration page where you will see that you are awaiting approval.

Slack Workspace ID

6. Wait for your request to be approved or contact the Admin (if you know).

SlackBot will send a direct message to the Admin and the user needs to wait for the approval. Prompt the Admin as needed. For the Slack Admin, see the details here; [Slack Official Help] Manage app requests for your workspace.

Slack bot sends a DM to the admin for approval

As you can see in this image, if an admin presses the "Approve for WorkStats" button in the message sent by SlackBot, it will give you permission to install the WorkStats app!

7. The Admin allows to install WorkStats apps

When the admins approve the installation of the WorkStats app, the admins are notified of the approval.

Slack bot sent the admin a DM that the app installation was approved

When the admin approves the installation of the WorkStats application, the user who submitted the application will also be notified that it has been approved. Let's go back to step 1 and continue the process! The next step should be a breeze to install.

Slack bot sent the admin a DM that the app installation was approved

8. You will be redirected to the user settings screen.

Then you will be notified that the integration between WorkStats and Slack is complete, and the screen will automatically reload when you click "OK"

User will be redirected to the user settings screen

10. You're all set up for Slack integration!

The WorkSpace name you want to retrieve is set, the member ID (Slack user ID) is also set, and the access token required for API integration is also set.

Slack integration is complete

11. Open the Dashboard page and confirm that Slack numbers are displayed.

Were the numbers what you thought they were?

Slack numbers are displayed

12. (If you want to disconnect with Slack) Click the "Disconnect with Slack" button.

Even if the linkage is removed, it can be re-established by performing step 1.

Slack integration is complete

13. Click OK, when you see the message "Disconnection completed."

It will then reload automatically.

Slack integration is being disconnected

14. You can confirm that the registered linkage information has disappeared.

Slack integration is now disconnected

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